Our showrooms present selected collections for our partners. As an agency, we not only build up brands but we offer services ranging from visual to curated merchandising and on-site training, both for our cutomers and the retail secor.
To make sure we always know where the trend is headed and where the themes are at, it is of the utmost importance to us that we are not just a showroom agency. We spend half our time outside and maintain contact with our customers. We feel very passionate about providing personal, individual support to our customers on site, not to mention the fact that we just enjoy being out and about ☺.


Our brands are high quality and cool whilst also being reasonably priced and in the premium fashion segment. In our fashion agency you will only find things we would love to have in our wardrobe. And that actually is the concept: Only the best of all - Let it be the most beautiful Dirndl, the coolest jacket, the nicest Flip Flop other the smoothest Cashmere Pullover - Our brands offer a stylish and complete wardrobe.